Floyd Mayweather officially surrendered to the Las Vegas Clark County Detention Center yesterday.  He'll now be adjusting to life behind bars in a 7-by-12 foot cell as opposed to his lavish 12,800-square-foot two-story mansion, for the next 87 days.  He could be released a few weeks in advance for good behavior, so hopefully Floyd will stay out of trouble while he is incarcerated.  

He is serving time for a 2010 domestic battery charge for allegedly beating his ex-wife in front of their two sons.  Floyd was originally facing up to 34 years in prison on felony charges, but he wisely accepted a plea deal that allowed him to avoid felony charges.  He has already been granted 3 days of time-served for paying off a $2,500 fine, and completing domestic violence courses prior to his imprisonment.  He will have to complete a total of 100 hours of community service on domestic violence counseling, upon his release.  

According to court officials, Mayweather will be submitted to the subpar lock-up conditions that prisons and jails are often associated with.  He apparently will not have a TV in his jail cell, and the TV sets located in the dining areas most likely won't have the June 9th pay-per-view WBO welterweight fight between his nemesis Pacquiao and Tim Bradley.  Mayweather's actual jail cell will consist of a small bed, a stainless steel toilet and sink, a steel and wood desk with a permanently bolted down stool and two small vertical windows mad with opaque safety glass.

For at least the first week of his jail stay, Floyd with be in an isolated cell, segregated from all of the other 3,200 prisoners for his own protection.  He'll be allowed to go outside of his cell and have access to an exercise yard for approximately one hour a day to begin with.  If he maintains good behavior, he'll be granted more time outside, and he will be allowed to workout with other inmates held in the protective custody unit.

His flashy dress wear has been reduced from fly suits, sunglasses, and Rolex watches, to the standard-issue blue jail jumpsuit containing the letters CCDC on the back, with orange slippers to walk around in.  He will have access to commissary, and he can deposit money to his jail account to buy snacks, personal hygiene items, and general leisure items.  This is where his $32 million payday from his most recent fight with Miguel Cotto will come in handy.

He arrived in court yesterday wearing a gray sweatsuit, with his best friend, rapper 50 Cent at his side.  Floyd didn't say a word as he was cuffed up and taken away to serve his time.  He looked focused a ready for whatever obstacles might come his way while in jail.  

50 Cent gave a quick comment about his good friend going away for the next couple of months.  50 truly believes in Floyd all the way.

"It's an uncomfortable situation for everyone.  He'll be all right."

Source: huffingtonpost.com