A lot has been said in regards to the relationship between 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, but the target of 50's recent harsh comments is former G-Unit member Young Buck. 50 wants to make his position clear that he has no intention of reuniting with Buck.

"Where I'm from, we got a code of conduct that we follow. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. If somebody wants to make you a success and comfortable in every way, down to the point that I actually pay your taxes for you after you -- and you still disrespectful and say the kind of sh*t you saying? N*ggas is lucky you don't just kill 'em. N*ggas shot me for $5,000... Feel f*ckin' sorry for somebody that has no opportunities -- don't feel sorry for the person who did something stupid."

This could be a bit of a response to the YouTube video where Buck was seen nodding in approval while listening to a recent track off 50 Cent's "The Lost Tape" mixtape.

Source: sohh.com