The NBA Draft Lottery came and went on Wednesday night and the New Orleans Hornets were the lucky organization to receive the number one pick in this year's draft.

If you ask anyone who you think they'll select with their first overall pick, the majority of answers will be University of Kentucky's superstar center Anthony Davis, who was named as Men's College Basketball Player of the Year as well as receiving a number of other honors.

He's the clear cut favorite to be drafted no. 1, but is New Orleans really the team Anthony Davis is hoping to play for, or does he perhaps want to play for the team who was previously known as the Hornets, the Bobcats?

A photo taken about a month ago of the future NBA baller shows him rocking a throwback Charlotte Hornets cap, which is significant considering who has the next pick after the Hornets. It also raises the question of whether or not the draft lottery is fixed.

The Michael Jordan-owned Bobcats have the 2nd overall selection and if by some weird turn of events Davis is not taken first, it will be interesting to see what Jordan does with his pick.