Fat Joe recently teamed up with a load of different artists for his "Pride N Joy" single.  The track features Kanye West, Jadakiss, Busta Rhymes, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), DJ Khaled and Roscoe Dash.  It was premiered by Funkmaster Flex on NY's Hot 97 radio stadio recently, and despite what some have been saying, the song that was premiered was in fact the final version as far as Fat Joe is concerned.  

"It's the final version unless there's something I don't know about.  We did a bunch of sh*t. Kanye, he mixed that record eight times and he had it in different ways. Like, I got Trey Songz on that sh*t, Miguel. We had a bunch of n**gas on that sh*t. If niggas really want more versions, I'm sure there's gonna be a remix. I'm sure it's gonna get iller. I love the way it came out."

Fat Joe expressed how honored he felt to be able to work alongside the veteran Yasiin Bey, because Joe felt as though he and Yasiin don't make the same kind of music so it was interesting for him to blend the two genres.

"I'm honored to work with Kanye of course, but I'ma say the biggest surprise on that record is Mos Def.  I respect that guy a lot. I can't believe he's on a Fat Joe record. He's about consciousness, I'm talking about f*ckin' b*tches."

But overall Kanye's musical genius really influenced Fat Joe.  Even though Fat Joe has already worked with the best of the best in the rap game, working with Kanye was another level of achievement for Joe just because of Kanye's musical intelligence.

"There's some other real dope parts of that song that we ain't put on there.  But, you know, he's Kanye West. He's a genius. He's the best. I argued with him a little, but I let him lead the way, so that's how it is. There's no way in the world you're gonna get everyone to sing on beat. N*ggas just said, 'We're not singers.' And he was like, 'That's the dope sh*t.' We off beat. We ain't no R&B n*ggas. We singin' that sh*t off beat.

"Kanye West is so validated and considered one of the very best of all time, one of the geniuses, the Berry Gordies, Quincy Joneses, and it was an honor for him to work with me.  I honestly believe I got another stripe from me workin' with Kanye. And that's hard for me to do 'cause I worked with everybody you can name in the world from LL to Eminem, to everybody."

Source: xxlmag.com