The plot thickens in the case of the murdered 21-year-old Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong, in Tokyo last week, Thursday May 24th..  After attending a Nicki Minaj concert, Ms. Furlong and a female friend, wound up going back to the hotel room of the 23-year-old dancer James Blackston and 19-year-old musician Larry Perry located at the Keio Plaza Hotel.  The two men are suspected of being a part of Nicki Minaj's entourage, however this piece of evidence has yet to be confirmed.  

CNN News reported that the two men have not been charged with Furlong's death yet, however police arrested them due to the suspicion that they sexually assaulted her friend in a taxi while on their way back to the young men's hotel room last Thursday.  Apparently her friend was highly intoxicated at the time of the assault, however authorities are looking into whether or not the men might have spiked both of their drinks.  

The International Business Times did in fact confirm that Furlong and her friend, met Blackston and Perry after the concert, had a few drinks, and apparently ended up taking the cab with them because they missed their last train to get home.  

While at the hotel, customers from nearby hotel rooms complained to the hotel staff of loud noises coming from the suspected hotel room.  When employees entered the room, they found Ms. Furlong lying unconscious on the floor near the bed, with the 19-year-old Perry standing by her body.  There were no signs that anyone else had entered the room.  The Japanese police report stated that the death is believed to be a result of suffocation by cervical compression, and the autopsy report sadly shows signs that Ms. Furlong's body most likely suffered a sexual assault after she was strangled.

The Furlong family sent a heartbroken statement to the International Business Times regarding Nicola's tragic murder.

"We are devastated by the loss of our beautiful daughter/sister Nicola in such tragic circumstances.  Nicola was a warm, generous, stunning person who always had time for her family and other people. Nicola will always be at the centre of our lives. She stood for everything that is good in life.

"The Japanese police are continuing their investigations into the circumstances surrounding Nicola's death. As these circumstances are unclear at this time we respectfully request time and space to mourn Nicola with dignity."

More details on the case will certainly be revealed over time.