It's truly sad to hear about people so young suffering injuries like this.  Some may say, "well at least he's not dead," but for a fighter still in his prime, suffering paralysis is almost as bad.  

Boxing champion Paul Williams, the 6'2 welterweight and junior middleweight beast in the ring, has been left paralyzed after suffering a motorcycle accident this past Sunday over Memorial Day weekend.  He was apparently going about 75 miles per hour, which is a pretty risky speed especially while riding a motorcycle, when he swerved to avoid an impact with another vehicle and lost control.  The accident occurred near Atlanta, as Williams was in Marietta, Ga for his brother's wedding.  He got into the accident while driving home from his brother's bachelor party.  

Williams is set to undergo surgery tomorrow May 30th in order to secure his spinal column.  His manager George Peterson gave the following comment on Paul's accident:

"In terms of Williams walking again ... that will never happen."

He is only 30 years tragic.