The Miami Heat are very protective of their long time star shooting guard Dwyane Wade.  If he gets fouled hard, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will retaliate accordingly.  That is exactly what happened during the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers playoff series.  

D-Wade got fouled hard by Tyler Hansbrough and in return, Udonis Haslem fouled Tyler Hansbrough extremely hard during one of Hansbrough's shot attempts.  This resulted in Haslem being suspended for the following game, because he blatantly struck Hansbrough in the face.  After their series ended, with the Heat moving on to play in the Eastern Conference Final, Udonis Haslem opened up to reporters admitting that he did in fact foul Hansbrough because of the hard foul Hansbrough dished out on Wade shortly before that.

“I can’t imagine anything I wouldn’t do for Dwyane.  It is all fun and games to beat up the Heat in the media, to say the Heat are soft,” he says. “But as soon as the Heat take a stand and hit back, it’s not funny anymore. Rabbit hunting is fun. But it ain’t funny when the rabbit has the gun.”