This is a tragic example of just how careful women need to be these days when they decide to go home or to a hotel with a guy they just met that same night.  

Nicola Furlong, a 21-year-old Irish exchange student from County Wexford, Ireland was found dead inside of a hotel room at the Keio Plaza Hotel in central Tokyo.  Her body was found laying on the hotel floor, strangled, at around 3:20 a.m.

Two young American men have been arrested in connection with the murder.  Their names have been withheld from the media, but one of them is said to be a 19-year-old musician, and the other is apparently a 23-year-old dancer.  

Apparently, Ms. Furlong and a female friend of hers, who is also 21, met the 19-year-old musician and the 23-year-old dancer after the Nicki Minaj concert in the city's Koto Ward.  The two young women agreed to go back to the men's hotel room, and the foursome hopped into a cab and headed to the Keio Plaza Hotel.  While in the cab the men were allegedly feeling up the young ladies.

When they arrived at the hotel room, each of the girls paired off with a male companion.  Ms. Furlong went into one room with the 19-year-old, while her friend and the musician went into another room.  Apparently, hotel staffers were alerted to a loud noise coming from the room, and when they arrived, they found Furlong's body laying on the floor near the bed, while the 19-year-old man stood nearby.  She was pronounced dead shortly after at a local hospital.