Long time hip hop producer Just Blaze was finalizing his tour in Paris, when he was apprehended and thrown in jail for reasons unknown. He was allowed to keep his cell phone for the time being and let out a series of tweets, updating everyone on his situation.

"In jail without the bail."

"My cell. I'm really going to jail. Man listen."

"I'm really in like.. Jail."

"Yes. I am tweeting. And yes I am in jail. in Paris. They are being cool and letting me keep my phone for now"

"They are asking me things I cant answer.. I stopped french accelerated classes when I was 10.."

"Handcuffs. I'm being cool about it. For those that have never had them. They hurt. And are very dehumanizing."

His next couple of tweets reveals that he was let out of the jailhouse, but again he left no indication as to why he was detained initially.

"I'm getting out of here.. No fines. #newminatti"

"Ok I'm officially being let go for now. Thank you all for the support!"

it remains unclear what any wrong doings Blaze was accused of.

Source: Twitter