This may seem hard to believe, but former B2K member Raz B, legally known as DeMario Thornton, is accusing R&B artists such as Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Ray J of engaging in homosexual activities in his upcoming book titled This Boy's Life.  His book is a memoir of his own experiences with unwillingly engaging in homosexual activities during his time with the B2K R&B group.  

While he was a member of B2K, Raz B claims that he was molested and raped by music producer Chris Stokes and at times he claims that singer Marques Houston would take advantage of him too. 

Raz B has spoken out about the alleged sexual assault that he suffered behind the scenes of the spotlight, and he is claiming that other young R&B artists are engaging in similar homosexual behavior, willingly.  Raz B first made his own homosexual activities public back in 2007, and he has since been ousted by the music community for his outrageous claims.  His is apparently working on a comeback in the music industry and some may feel as though his upcoming book is just a ploy to thrust him back into the spotlight.

Raz B's book is set to be released this fall.