Long time hip hop producer No I.D. has worked with the biggest names in hip hop for a number of years. His work with rap juggernauts Jay-Z and Nas has been well documented and recently, No I.D. shared his thoughts on how the artists take very different approaches when creating their respective music.

"No. You can't draw Jay out. Mainly because Nas would write multiple, incredible verses and not think that they are good enough. Jay knows what he wants in life pretty much. He'll come with a song real fast. And that's it. And Nas will write a whole song and be like 'Nah, I don't like that anymore.' And then write another three verses. Not with Jay. Jay won't let you in his process."

Despite how differently the two rappers work, they have had similar results over the years as their extensive careers have proven to be highly successful.

Source: sohh.com