Chris Brown can't stay away from the negative media, or rather the negative media can't stay away from him.  Either way you look at it, Chris Brown is under fire again, and this time, the allegations against him are very, very serious.  

Whether you were happy or upset about Chris Brown "winning" a Grammy award this year or not doesn't matter, he got the Grammy.  However, rumors and allegations have risen that he won the award at the 2011 54th Grammy Awards in an unjust manner.  He has been accused of having bribed his way to winning that award, rather than having won it honestly.

Producer Ken Ehrlich, was the man responsible for nominating Brown for the award in the first place.  He was fired just a few months after the 54th Grammy Awards for "indiscretion and violation of the Academy's ethics and integrity in rewarding talent."

Apparently there is evidence that exists to support the claim the Chris Brown paid off Ken Ehrlich in order to secure his Grammy nomination and win.  The evidence consists of a large monetary transaction between Brown and Ehrlich, through the means of several back and forth emails.  

Neil Portnow, President of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, released this statement addressing the situation:

"With almost ten years of being President for The Academy, I would have never predicted that this would happen.  My lack of blessing for Chris' nomination was known, but as I've always respected my colleagues' insights, I mustered all I could not to fight it so much.  I have worked alongside Ken for years now, and I am heavily disappointed, and will have to raise the conduct around this board.  I will see to it that nothing of this caliber of humiliation will happen again."

Chris Brown and his reps are denying the claims.  These claims are pretty radical, but if this turns out to be true, then Chris' image will most likely surpass the villainous one he had in the past after his violent incident with Rihanna.  Let's see how this all turns out.