Reports have come in that actor Terrence Howard was assaulted in front of Howard's home on May 6th around 11p.m. by his ex-girlfriend.  Howard allegedly broke up with his ex-romantic partner, 39-year-old May Seng Yang after years of being involved with one another, but Yang did not take the break up well.  Apparently she has been harassing Howard ever since the break-up.

The police report indicates that Yang showed up at Howard's house unexpectedly, and his current girlfriend met her at the front gate.  After hearing what Howard described as a "loud noise," he stepped outside to speak to his ex.

Due to concern that his neighbors would become irritated by the loud scene that his ex-girlfriend was causing, he opened the gate and according to Howard, once he opened the gate, his nose was struck by his ex-girlfriend's fist.  The police report stated that the officers who arrived on the scene noticed that his nose showed signs of swelling.  

Yang's lawyer has since commented on the matter, stating that Howard is fabricating what actually happened, that she is too small to hurt him the way he claimed, and that police seem to be siding with Howard.

"It's written by the police, as if they were an advocate or attorney for the complainant, Terrence Howard.  They take his side consistently, they say they do not believe her.  She, as many women in that type of situation, wanted to know where this was headed, where they were going.  He strung her along. It's pretty obvious in my opinion.  You have to remember, she's 5'1", 110 pounds.  He's 6'2" and close to 200 pounds. She did not attack him."

Yang is currently facing charges of Simple Assault, Defying Criminal Trespassing, Harassment, and Disorderly Conduct.  Nothing too serious.