This is absolutely shameful.  The fact that this exists and people are doing it just shows how messed up this world is right now.  

Before, it was "Planking", where you lay out flat in ridiculous locations as still as a board and take a picture of it (some people actually died planking in dangerous places).  Then there was "Tebowing", where you kneel down on one knee and lower your head and hold your fist close to your face in Tebow's famous prayer position and take a picture of that too.  Then for a brief period of time there was "Tom Bradying", "Angelina Jolieing" and "Owling"

Now the newest trend won't believe this..."Trayvoning"!  

It is where you wear a hoodie and lay on the floor posing as if you are dead, with a bag of Skittles, and an Arizona Iced Tea next to your body, and photograph it.  There has even been a Facebook page created so people can post pictures of themselves "Trayvoning" online.  

This has to be one of the most cruel, disrespectful, low-life actions occuring right now. Trayvon's death was tragic in every way and should not be made fun of or used for people's own enjoyment in any way.  Regardless if he did attack George Zimmerman or not, the facts still remain that Zimmerman followed Trayvon even when he was told by police not to do so, and thus, he was the initial instigator that eventually ended up shooting Travyon to death.  Regardless of what Trayvon might have done in his past, he didn't deserve to die that night.

Anyone who partakes in this "Trayvoning" movement should be ashamed of themselves.