Lil Wayne is unfortunately under the legal microscope again.  This time it's not for possession of any firearms.  Instead he is being accused of inflicting serious damage to a fan a few weeks ago, for trying to snap a picture of Wayne while skateboarding in a skate park with his boys.  

30-year-old Alfredo Marino claims that a member of Wayne's entourage struck him to the back of his head with a skateboard after Weezy threatened him for taking a picture of him by saying, "Don't you know all it takes is a word and these motherf*ckers are going to f*ck you up?"  The alleged skateboard strike apparently dropped him to the ground, leaving his head bleeding profusely.  Mr. Marino has also suffered a concussion and recurring feelings of nausea and dizziness as a result of the violent blow.  He claims to have seen a neurologist yesterday, Monday May 21st.  

His lawyer Craig Chisvin has stated that Mr. Marino was rushed to the hospital following the alleged assault.  He hasn't filed a lawsuit against Lil Wayne just yet, but according to his lawyer Mr. Marino is seriously contemplating taking civil action against Wayne. Mr. Marino claims that Lil Wayne and his crew took his camera away from him after he was struck with the skateboard.  

Mr. Marino's lawyer Mr Chisvin released a statement regarding Alfredo Marino's desire to be paid handsomely for the beating he took.

"My client would like proper compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and any possible loss of earnings or future loss of earnings."

If Wayne and his crew did actually do this, maybe paying up will be smart to avoid another jail sentence.  It would be terrible to see him go to prison again.