Hip Hop pioneer Pete Rock became highly infuriated when Lupe Fiasco released a new single in which he sampled Pete's classic instrumental "T.R.O.Y." Upon hearing the track, the legendary producer took to Twitter and unleashed a fury of harsh tweets stemming from the situation and the condition of hip hop in general.

"No disrespect to lupe fiasco and i like him alot but TROY should be left alone. Feel so violated,the beat is next to my heart and was made. Outta anguish and pain. When it's like that it should not be touched by no one!"

"It's so hard for folks to make original music, I possess that, but these dudes are scared of that and this is supposed to be HIP HOP?"

"Man I'm a lupe fan and everything but TROY was my homie man. I think about him and Hev every f**king day!!!! Smh"

"Who ever Re-created that didn't do a good job @ all. #nohate"

"This business can be so lame, sometimes I make beats blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back and still these cats can't be original to"

"So untalented and unoriginal. Makes me feel like I'm truly the best that ever did it. Yo hev and t-Roy I love and miss da sh*t outta y'all"

One thing that Pete wanted to get across was that he was not aiming his frustration and anger towards Lupe Fiasco in particular, but more towards whoever actually recreated the instrumental.

"U guys have been violated with no Vaseline. So f*cked up this business smmfh!!! And I don't care who got something to say about it, kiss my"

"I'm not flattered @ all. Dat sh*t is wack, and the producer should be ashamed of his f*ckin self. Smh"

"That record is dear to me yo f*ck deez n*ggas!!!!"

"I'm still Dat n*gga out here believe it or don't. Ur ignorance not mine, lame duck bullsh*t."

"I think lupe is a great artist, I'm that angry with him but it's a major label idea. I can feel it."

"And y'all need to stop the childish games, I'm a fan of lupe and he is a great artist and a great person."

"And let me be clear cuz a lot of y'all don't know this. But Tom Scott himself gave me an approval for TROY, told me I did a great job!!"

How do you feel about Lupe's new track? Do you think Pete Rock's outburst is justified or not?

Source: sohh.com