Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah had a rough end to the postseason as injuries to his ankle and teammate Derrick Rose's ACL earned them a first round loss.

But Noah is managing to stay relevant during the off-season, and it has nothing to do with basketball. Apparently, an overseas basketball player by the name of Nic Wise has been texting Joakim's girlfriend without the Bulls player's knowledge.

Wise claims to have texted Noah's alleged girlfriend, Amanda, and when he received a response it was Noah asking how Wise knew the girl.

The reply read "This her phone but this Joakim Noah Amanda's dude how you meet her bruh".

Wise seemed to be surprised with the response and took to Twitter to let everyone know what went down and even posted a pic of the reply text on Instagram.

"Fellas this is a NONO lol. I know he did not just txt me from his girl phone!"

No telling if this will be a back-and-forth thing but it's interesting nonetheless.