So it looks like Kim K is really serious about her thing with Kanye West.  So serious, in fact, that she has decided to take it upon herself to lay down a few ground rules for the G.O.O.D. Music rapper while he is on his Watch The Throne European Tour with Jay-Z.  Apparently, banning all women from being alone with Kanye backstage is one of her demands.  A source close to Kim commented on her tactic to keep all of his potential temptresses at bay.

"Kanye has a load of girls he's friends with. Most are stylists or from the fashion set but Kim's not happy about them being alone with him backstage.  She sees how well he gets on with girls because of his sensitive side and has decided to rein in the entourage a bit. Kim is trying to put a stop to this as she doesn't want to look or feel awkward at any point.

"She has her own area at the O2 so she can spend more time with Kanye. She realizes he will need to do his thing with Jay-Z and the rest of the crew but she'll have somewhere for her and her pals to hang out."

She must really care for Kanye if she is worried about another woman coming between them.