Greg Oden has had an injury-filled NBA career, but despite his mishaps he's still looking to make a return to the league to have a normal career. It has been reported that the former Portland Trailblazer underwent the same German knee procedure as Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez.

Oden had the surgery, known as Orthokine, done on his left knee a couple off weeks ago in New York City. It has been said to be controversial because Kobe and A-Rod came back strong as ever after having the procedure done, despite participating in their respective professions well into their 30s.

According to sources, this particular type of surgery was something Oden wanted done for a while.

"Greg had long planned to have this procedure done. He thought he'd wait until his knee was completely healed, but the doctor said Greg would get the greatest benefit by doing it now because it would help his recovery."

During the procedure, blood is taken from the patient and entered into a centrifuge which creates a new serum, and is then injected into the affected area(s). According to doctors, the blood stops all type of pain and any inflammation.

Oden does not plan to retire and has been rehabilitating at Indianapolis's St. Vincent's Hospital.