Rihanna, with her pretty smile and all, comes off as a rather kind and warmhearted person. But the singer has shown in the past that she can become the total opposite when she needs to, and recently she made that transformation when a blog site criticized her for an outfit that she wore.

After asking their audience "Yay or Nay" in regards to a particular outfit that Ri Ri was strutting around in, they sent a Tweet saying "Dear Rihanna, you've gone a little too far with this outfit. May be time to class it up a bit."

The songwriter took exception to the implication and responded back with a tweet that really sums up how incredibly aggressive she can be when rubbed the wrong way.

She tweeted "Your p***y is way too dry to be riding my d**k like this."

Was this the type of reaction you could have expected from Rihanna?

Source: theurbandaily.com