Man, T.I. is busy these days.  How he fits time to rest into his hectic schedule is a pure mystery.

Aside from working on his own eighth studio album, Trouble Man, he has been working hard assisting Iggy Azalea with her music, and he's revealed that he is also in the lab working on TWO separate joint albums with fellow Grand Hustle rapper B.o.B and Def Jam's Young Jeezy.  

Apparently, he's already been making some serious progress on both projects, as he's done recordings for both joint albums.  The title for his album with B.o.B is Man and the Martian, while the title of his Jeezy collaboration has not been revealed.  He stated that the recording process will be the easy part for both albums, but the promotional aspect of releasing the Jeezy album will be harder due to their conflicting schedules.

Here's what T.I. had to say about his upcoming projects with B.o.B and Young Jeezy:

"I got a few albums that I'm workin' on: the Man and the Martian project with B.o.B; me and Jeezy been talkin' about doin' this project for a minute," T.I. recently told Sway Calloway on MTV. "It wouldn't take us long to do. We got records already in the can and it don't take us no time to put it together. It's just a matter of when they would be released."