The Slaughterhouse debut album with Shady Records is extremely close to being done.  Eminem has been hard at work laying down the finishing touches, hoping to stay on track with a scheduled June 12th release date.  Everyone on the team has said that Em has been putting in an extreme amount of work to get the album done.  He's producing, featured, and just generally guiding it.  According to Royce da 5'9, the album is done and Em is just finalizing everything.

"The album is done. In terms of vocal recording, we're done. Marshall is still in the process of mixing, we still got a couple of records that we're missing.  We're on pace for June, worst-case scenario, we're looking at July, but it's definitely coming, 100 percent."

Eminem has been keeping such a close guard on their work that he has kept their music locked down in the studio, so every member of Slaughterhouse is really excited to hear their finished product.  

"We don't have the music, it stays in the studio. It's safe there.  But every time we go to record or just get up and meet in Detroit with Em and everybody at Shady, I personally ask them to hear records," said Joell Ortiz.

Crooked I gave high praise to the amount of effort Eminem has put into the album.  According to Crooked, Em has been heavily involved in their records since the beginning.

"Em is putting in incredible effort with this album.  He's arranging, he's being featured on songs, he's producing. He's putting in just as much, if not more work, than everyone else as far as Slaughterhouse. If he's not featured on it he produced it, if he didn't produce it he arranged it, if he didn't arrange it...when it's all said and done, his presence is going to be felt throughout. He's the fifth member of Slaughterhouse at this point."