Former Bad Boys rapper Shyne has been keeping busy as of late, still keeping his faith strong in his new found religion and even embarking in new business ventures and opportunities. 

Recently, he spoke on what he has planned musically, stating that he has multiple albums dropping before the year is up and even one coming in the beginning of 2013.

"Yeah, I have the "Gangland" street album coming out in July. And then I have another album coming out in December. You know, just music to feed the people and reestablish the brand. And then my official solo album is going to come out probably out in the spring of 2013."

Despite his aspirations for dropping three albums in a short time frame, he says he is currently an independent artist and will be releasing the LPs in that manner.

"I'm independent. I'm really all about entrepreneurship, and that's what All Our Power is about. All Our Power is understanding that you don't have to think what the big corporations to tell you. I never liked bullies. I was always the dude that would get up on the table and try to knock the bully out. I like to stand up for what is right. And it's the same thing with my music and with my business. In today's world especially, you definitely don't need to be with a major [label]."

Anyone anxious to hear new music from Shyne Po?