Game recently sat down with ESPN's Playbook to discuss a number of different topics pertaining to the California Summer Basketball tournament known as the Drew League, as well as his California Republic mixtape and how he was able to land a star-studded roster of features.

The basketball tournament is entering its 39th year and the Compton native has high hopes for another successful tun-out.

"It's just good fun, coming out for the kids and the neighborhood. I've already talked to countless NBA friends of mine and everybody's excited about it and really waiting to come back...Metta World Peace ... James Harden plays in the league. Monta Ellis said he's gonna come out this summer for the kids and all that. I've got a bunch of NBA verbal commitments, which is cool, so we'll see what's up."

He then spoke about his California Republic mixtape, which has a cast of artists and producers ranging from Pharrell to Snoop Dogg. 

"If you've got a good rapport with all these hip-hop stars, and made a bunch of friends over the span of your career like I have, you can pretty much get a feature from anybody -- Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chris Brown -- for free. We just do it on consignment. Do me a favor, I'll owe you one. It's just for a mixtape, so nobody's really sweating the cash...I'll end up spending a little under 10 grand out of my own pocket to get all my fans this free music."

Game is certainly keeping busy this summer.