The bars that tennis superstar Serena Williams' recently released have caught the attention of a few renowned artists in hip hop. According to TMZ, Game has even backed her up, saying she could have a bright future as a musician.

"The Game thinks Serena Williams is an AMAZING rapper and if she decides to drop an album, it's sure to sell big ... this according to the man himself. Game tells TMZ ... after he heard Serena's rap for the first time, he knew that she definitely had 'raw skills' and was a 'really talented artist.' Game says he wasn't that surprised ... considering the tennis champ's Compton roots. He tells us 'You shouldn't expect her to come with anything less than the official rap bars,' then added 'I can see her doing big things.'

Long time female rap veteran Rah Digga also had great things to say about Serena's bars, tweeting "'I'm always on top...roofer"' Serena Williams' new song...I mean...ok fine".

What is your reaction towards her vocals on her record?