While a trial for George Zimmerman has yet to begin, it seems many people are still very worked up over the incident.

One particular instance is rather disturbing, as a supporter of George Zimmerman has created and begun selling gun range targets in the shape of a black hoodie with cross-hairs on it and a bag of skittles in the pocket, reminiscent of what Trayvon Martin wore when he was gunned down.

The seller of the item stated in an email to a WKMG reporter that "My main motivation was to make money off the controversy... The response is overwhelming. I sold out in two days."

Zimmerman's attorney expressed his dismay over the situation and says something like this could make the upcoming case that much more difficult.

"This is the highest level of disgust and the lowest level of civility", he says

Who knows how this type of situation will factor into the actual trial.

Source: egotripland.com