It would be cool if Big Sean showed up to your high school to be the principal for the day, and as principal, included an "as*, as*, as*" class in the schedule.  However, that's not what he will be doing at the Lincoln High School in Detroit, Michigan.

Next Monday (May 14), Big Sean will be rewarding the students who excelled in the "Get Schooled" campaign.  The "Get Schooled" campaign was a program that ran from February 13th - April 27th that had a goal of increasing the overall attendance at 17 Metro Detroit high schools.  It turned out to be a major success, and Lincoln High's attendance increased by 8.56%.

Although Big Sean will not be teaching any "as*, as*, as*" classes, he is very excited about getting the opportunity to return to his hometown and contribute to the positive progression of its education system.

"Showing up to school, all day, every day, is one of the most important things students can do to reach their educational goals and to go on to success later in life.  I am so proud of my hometown of Detroit for tackling attendance issues head on and I am so excited to celebrate the achievements of the students who worked so hard throughout the attendance challenge."