It has been previously reported that rapper Mystikal will have to spend another three months behind bars after getting out of prison not too long ago.

With his scheduled imprisonment rapidly approaching, Mystikal recently spoke on the upcoming time he'll have to spend once again.

"Disappointed isn't the word for it -- ashamed. It's hard to show up. If I stole your money and I gotta come face you again and you ask me about the money, it's gonna be hard for me to face you in the eye. So the proof is in the pudding. Everything I was doing, the 81 days was right there riding with me -- in the SUV, come on, who's that? My 81 days. Everywhere I went, it was keeping me in check, and it's a fight. I can tell myself all kinds of things, I can sit there and mope, or I can get out and thank those fans the way I'm supposed to, the way they deserve to be thanked. So of course I am."

He's set to start his jail sentence on Monday, May 14th, but was able to put on a performance before the time comes.