Game really showed what kind of loving father he is towards his children. The rapper recently decided it would be a great idea to randomly check his kids out of school and take them on a spontaneous trip to Disneyland.  And lets face it, that's an awesome idea!

Not every child gets the glorious opportunity to experience the wonders of seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person.  And what's even better, he checked his kids out of school EARLY to go to Disneyland. His two sons, King Justice and Harlem, and his daughter Cali Dream, all got the liberating feeling of leaving school early to go and have fun.

The result ended with Game having a load of happy memories with his children that he can reflect on in the future.  He tweeted a few pics of the wonderful day.

This proves that you can be a hard-core rapper, but still be tender towards your family and not feel ashamed by it.