Kanye West and Kim Kardashiaan have been dating for a while now, but her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries is still pending. It seems as if Kim K won't be able to get rid of her potential ex-husband anytime soon, as Humphries refuses to sign the divorce papers.

The relationship between Kim and Kanye has undeniably angered Humphries, who is still technically married to Yeezy's new girl. Now he looks to upset the two of them just as badly.

According to Bossip, Kris Humphries "has vowed not to not sign divorce papers and give Kardashian an easy and amicable divorce because he's bitter she is now happy with West. In many cases of divorce, particularly for short term marriages like Kim's with Kris, the process can be completed within six months, about the same time period Kardashian waited before taking up with Ye."

A source close to both Kim and Kris also says "Kris wants to keep whatever control he can have over Kim for as long as possible. He refuses to sign the papers and give Kim the easy out. He's enjoying pissing Kanye off."

No telling how long Kris Humphries will let this situation linger.. But Kim and Kanye don't seem affected by it as they've appeared in public on numerous occasions.

Source: blacksportsonline.com