At the beginning of the year it seemed as though Rihanna and Chris Brown had put their troubles behind them, as they worked on remix of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" and Breezy's "Turn Up the Music."  However, Breezy's remix of Kanye's "Theraflu," may have caused a permanent rift between the two, as Rihanna "unfollowed" him on Twitter shortly after its release.

The remix features a line that many listeners interpreted to be about Rihanna, as he freestyled  "Don't f*ck with my old bitches ... like a bad fur ... every industry n*gga done had her." He continued on by saying "Trick or treat like a pumpkin ... just to smash her."

It seems that the track even convinced Rihanna that the line was directed at her, as she unfollowed Breezy just hours after the song was released. A short time later he unfollowed Rihanna.

Chris Brown also addressed the matter on Twitter, saying "Assumptions! I didn't say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about."

Source: TMZ