It came as a surprise when Kanye West dropped the video to his 2010 "Lost in the World" track the other day, which left many wondering why he'd bother releasing the visual so late.

Ruth Hogben, director of the video, gave some insight into the creative process of shooting and editing the video and explained to MTV News that she and 'Ye had been working on the final work for about 6 months.

"It was a really strong collaborative process. The conversation was very organic — he says one thing, I say one thing, he sends a picture, I send a picture. So it was a creative conversation that just kept rolling. We had a two-day shoot and then we spent quite a long time working on the edit together, making sure that it was right. We've probably been tweaking and working on it for about six months."

She then touched on how much freedom Kanye gave the dancers in the video, letting them control the pace and outcome of the final version.

"It was actually their interpretation of the song. Kanye didn't say to them, 'Dance this way.' We wanted an interpretation of how they felt about the song."

"He explained how he felt about the song and it was a really interesting process because he just talked to me about the song — how he felt about the lyrics, about the beat," she continued. "He was really very concerned about how he felt about the track, so that's where it started."