This past weekend, while 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather were living it up for Mayweather's fight against Cotto, the mothers of their children were dishing some dirt in an interview. Shaniqua Tompkins is the mother of 50's 15-year-old son Marquise, and Josie Harris is the mother of three of Mayweather's children. Harris is currently writing a tell-all book about her estranged relationship with the "Money team" leader. Tompkin and Harris both had many unfavorable things to say about their former boyfriends.

Fifty and his baby mother have not dated for years, but the two still have ongoing public conflicts and disagreements. 50 Cent had a burning desire for Tompkins and his son to vacate the home he supposedly promised them, and Tompkins resisted but the home abruptly burned down to the ground. Tompkins suspected that 50 paid someone to destroy the home and publicly blamed him. As a result, 50 sued her for defamation of character. In the interview, Fif's baby mother went on to describe him as a "good provider" but a poor father. She also refers to him as a "bitter man," says he was "okay" in bed and suggest that 50 got physical with her numerous times - even in front of her daughter.

As for Mayweather and Harris, the two clearly had an abusive relationship, as evidenced by Floyd being hit with a 90 day jail stint resulting from him assaulting Harris in 2010 after he supposedly found text messages in her phone from Chicago Bull, C.J Watson. Harris is quite candid about her relationship with Floyd. She had nothing but negative things to say about him, claiming he was boring in bed, and admitted that the two were abusive to each other. The one positive thing she had to say was about his fathering abilities.

"I hate to say it but yes Floyd is a good dad. The kids love him and are in Vegas with him right now for the Cotto fight."

She mentioned that she would like Floyd to write the forward of the defamatory book that she is writing about him.

Baby mothers want a little bit of limelight too, I guess.