Although they have not quite surpassed the iPhone as the most desired item to steal just yet, Dr. Dre's Beats By Dre are quickly climbing the list.  Police reports have come in that show his expensive headphones, priced between $300-$500, have been a major target for robberies lately.  A big problem is that those robberies have become extremely violent over time.  

The Beats By Dre are seen as status symbols, representing someone who has money so robbers have shown that they are willing to do whatever they need to do to get them.  A recurring story on the news recently has been video footage of a robbery that occurred on a train station in Harlem where  the victim of the robbery was sliced across his face with a broken bottle for resisting to give up his Beats.  

Police feel as though people wearing Beats headphones are easy targets because they were built with such top quality craftsmanship, that they completely block out the sounds outside of the headphones so victims usually don't hear the robbers coming.  

The Beats are untraceable and usually not insured so it makes finding the robbers who stole them that much harder.