This past Friday, thousands of people attended a Mystikal concert in New Orleans to see the Young Money artist perform before he heads back to prison for another 90 days after being hit with a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery.

Before he began his performance for the New Orleans audience, he alluded to his upcoming prison sentence and even gave the men in the crowd some words of advice.

"I'm going through some things, but it's gonna be all right," Mystikal said to cheering fans. "Fellas if you get into it with your girl, just walk away. Me? I'm gonna run."

He also yelled out to the crowd "Eighty-one days and I will be back" which is in reference to how many days until he'll be a free man once again.

Mystikal proceeded to thank his fans for their continued support and then put on a show for them.

He's set to return to prison on May 14th.