Joy Estill, a student at Seattle Central Community College, got a shocking surprise when she went to use the 3rd floor bathroom Wednesday, May 2nd.  As she entered the bathroom around 11 a.m., she said a man just fell through the ceiling and landed on the floor in front of her.

"My initial reaction was 'Do you need help?' -- I thought he was a worker.  But then I realized he was not dressed like a worker doing labor, he was dressed like a regular person coming off the street," said Estill as she recalled the shocking moment of seeing the man fall through the ceiling.

After she noticed how suspicious the man looked, she called for help and other students rushed into the bathroom and helped her hold him down until security officers came and handcuffed him.

It turns out the man was on the run from police officers, after foolishly attempting to break into a locked bathroom at a fast food restaurant using a pocket knife.  He wound up running into that 3rd floor bathroom and climbed into the ceiling to hide, but his weight caused the ceiling to collapse from under him.  

It's unsure what he will be charged with.