T.I. and B.o.B have a strong working relationship together.  Both men are extremely talented and the work they've been putting in the studio for B.o.B's newest album Strange Clouds, has been going very smoothly.  They both sat down with V-103, the Atlanta, Georgia radio station to discuss their solid working relationship.

Here's what T.I. had to say:

"I step in whenever I feel my input would be necessary. I also understand that he operates in a lane that he knows more about than I do. So the best leaders know when to follow. I just pick and choose my times when I feel I might need to interject and give my input."

B.o.B responded to T.I.'s comment by acknowledging T.I.'s respect for him as an artist and the things that B.o.B is trying to accomplish with his music.

"He immediately saw the quality in what I was doing, and the direction I was heading in, and I think it was really just a matter of time before everything really solidified into what it is now. It's been a constant growing process."

Source: hiphopdx.com