Depsite what many people may know about The Voice's Cee Lo Green, he struggled with some major personal anger issues in years past.  It was discovered that Cee Lo was arrested back in July 2001 for allegedly threatening his ex-wife Christina Johnson.  

The two had apparently gotten into a heated argument outside of their former home in Fayetteville, which is a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  During the argument, Cee Lo grabbed hold of a wooden statue and as Christina was going inside of the house, she heard the loud sound of shattering glass so she promptly called the police.  The glass that Christina heard breaking was in fact the windows of their Jaguar.  

Cee Lo was arrested two days later for misdemeanor charges of "disorderly conduct" and "simple assault (family violence)".  He was released later that same day after paying $2,800 bail, however he was re-arrested for not showing up to his September court date. Cee Lo spent the next 2 days in jail, but eventually pleaded "no contest" to his disorderly conduct charge.  However, he was still placed on probation for one year.  He was also advised to attend domestic violence counseling meetings and he was subjected to random drug and alcohol testing for a while.

Cee Lo has made comments about his past and how he used to be a very angry/aggressive person, but also how music helped to calm his wild side.

"I was a kleptomaniac, pyromaniac, just plain maniac. I was enraged without an outlet. I was aggressive, and I was pretty efficient with it. I took pride in that ability.  I was saved through my association with music. Music truly did calm a savage beast."