Mike Tyson's gap in between his front teeth is something that the public has been used to seeing for many years from the boxing legend and Hall-of-Famer.  However Tyson filled that gap with a gold tooth last year, but it is no longer there.  The bizarre story of how his gold tooth came and went so suddenly was revealed in his one-man show: "Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth".

The source behind the gap returning between his front teeth is that his tiger Kenya. apparently headbutted him randomly one time when she got overly excited, and KO'd the tooth out of his mouth, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, who was present at his show when he spoke about it.

Not too many people can say that they've been headbutted by a tiger and lived to tell the tale about it.  However Mike Tyson isn't your average person.  He's lived a wild life, and this is another incredible story that Tyson can add to his long list of true, and wild life experiences.

Source: inflexwetrust.com