There were many rappers that Kendrick Lamar called out to step up their game and contribute greater content to the rap game, however there are many others that were left out of his hit list.  Even though Kendrick claimed himself the "King of New York" on Big Sean's "Control" featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica, part of the drama has been revolving around those who's names were called out on his verse, and those who were ignored.

Twitter burst into a frenzy reacting to Kendrick's "King of New York" line recently, memes were crafted on Instagram,  Joell Ortiz has made a quick bar-heavy diss track in reply to Kendrick's verse, NBA Hall-Of-Fame coach Phil Jackson responded on Twitter, and Joe Budden and Styles P got into a heated discussion about his lyrics, battle rapper Iron Sheikh claimed Kendrick bit his style and was rapping like him, and battle rapper Daylyt posted a blog stating that he helped influence Kendrick to make the decision to say that bold "King of New York" line on the track, just to name a few of the activities that have come as a result of his bold statements.

A popular hashtag topic that sprouted on Twitter which has garnished many tweets from numerous Twitter users is called, "#RappersKendrickDidntMention."  Many people have been posting up names of rappers who were either sadly. or luckily left off Kendrick's list, while some have also tweeted funny pictures of fairly random individuals that you may not expect to see.

Check out some of the #RappersKendrickDidntMention above.