Duct Tape's Alley Boy recently sat down for an interview with Ms. Rivercity, where he talked about having a problem with rappers representing the streets life when they've been so far removed from the life.

Alley Boy started out the interview by explaining his view point on the situation, saying that he's "the only one acative as far as an artist that's still active in the streets."

He also gives his viewpoint on artists that have made it big, saying "they probably done got they money. They rich. So you know how easy it is for a rich Zaggin to ignore certain situations because they got so big until they money start to decline. And then when they feel the fans ain't Fu%%ing with fake ish they been putting out... That's when they go to "Real Zaggins is back in it. "

It seems to turn to T.I. when Alley Boy mentions "all that "flexin" and ish that Zaggins talking about," which is the title of T.I.'s track with Big K.R.I.T.

"I stand for the city, for those who don' t rap... who out here waring in the streets doing whatever it takes because it's Fizzuked up out here. Ain't no bricks in the city or no ish like that. Dope still selling but ain't no major ish going on like that. All that "flexin" and ish that Zaggins talking about so I feel like the ish I be talking about... there's more to what's going on and I always try to stay relevant because I'm still in this ish. My Zaggin is still in this ish so I know first hand what the Fizzuk be going on."

He closes the interview saying, "Zaggins be wondering why they can't pop off or drop a single or whatever but its because Zaggins don't want to hear that "Flexing." Ni%%as don't want to hear no rich A$$ Zaggin flexing. I won't even say a rich Zaggin, I'd say a Zaggin ain't in the streets like that no more. You not talking about what the Fizzuk we got going on [in the streets]."

Do you agree with Alley Boy?

Source: hiphopwired.com