Funniest LMAO Twitpics 04/18/2012

Apr 18, 2012 | 2:00 PM    Written By:
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  • Funniest LMAO Twitpics 04/18/2012
  • Facebook ruins relationships
  • bomb your sister's sexy photo opp
  • Bikini Chick
  • kidnapped while playing draw something
  • a face not even grandma loves
  • the awkwardly painful kiss
  • your bf carries a purse
  • the giraffe dwarf
  • dangerous food allergy
  • the youth of today parenting fail
  • going in for the kiss win!
  • will the real Jigsaw please stand up
  • switching places with daddy
  • Occupy Sesame Street fail
  • he loves Star Wars and Hip Hop
  • get your roll on
  • Exam week care package win
  • construction fail
  • forever alone fail
the awkwardly painful kiss