stay away from the powder people

Jan 15, 2012 | 10:17 AM    Written By: Christina S
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  • stay away from the powder people
  • lady, there's a wild rooster on your head
  • the pedobear would be proud
  • that's effing ridioulous
  • someone get PETA on the line
  • these ladies deserve a raise
  • which way do we go?
  • hit snooze and you'll bleed to death
  • it's lunchtime in the Safari
  • that's an interesting unicycle
  • the thirst is real
  • Pretty sure his dream didnt involve booze and naked women
  • spitting imagine of that old lady from Fashion Police
  • this car makes the best space saver
  • grandma found someone's NSFW stash
  • facebook warning WIN
  • idk what's worse her or the ppl behind her
  • that cow has the right idea
  • American laziness is at an all time high
  • The Simpsons has the greatest social commentary
stay away from the powder people