baby and booze, parenting fail

Jan 07, 2012 | 12:02 AM    Written By: Christina S
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  • baby and booze, parenting fail
  • grandma are you happy?
  • don't you wish your gf was this hot
  • secret ninja skills fail
  • ghetto car mirror repair
  • we have the Internet stop wasting paper
  • cooking instructions for today's woman
  • the excessive tanning must stop
  • coolest extra credit question ever
  • Iron Man costume epic fail
  • downloading a video from the internet: you're definitely doing it wrong
  • roasting a pig in your living room epic fail
  • oh my god, a real life bro-hoof!
  • high fiving a shark epic win!
  • whoever found the graphic for your newscast needs to be fired
  • yeah, that's gotta be in Europe
  • dude's really getting his hand down in there
  • lady's taking the Muppets wayyyy too far
  • what the heck is the deal with these new phone handsets?
  • that'll keep the burglars away
baby and booze, parenting fail