classic Maury Povich moment

Dec 09, 2011 | 1:25 AM    Written By: John S
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  • classic Maury Povich moment
  • implants multi-fail. there's nothing about him that's not a fail
  • barely there panties epic fail
  • mid 90s businesswomen called, they want their shoulder pad back
  • spray-on hair EPIC FAIL
  • go ahead, grab one. what's the problem?
  • Pearl Harbor survivor gettin his
  • cosplayer epic FAIL
  • classic case of haters gonna hate
  • I really don't understand how he does this. what if he has to stop?
  • baby girl, I'm looking at you
  • wearing sandals epic FAIL
  • sleeping at the airport really sucks
  • wow, dude. that's just mean.
  • the hazards of taking your own pic in a locker room
  • who knew you'd need mud flaps on the moon?
  • wife of Angry Birds company CEO wore this to a state dinner
  • the bro movember treatment
  • wow, how has this not caught on?
  • Calvin and Hobbes snowmen IRL win!
classic Maury Povich moment