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  • Yes!
  • I'll hang on to my money baby
  • can you believe this was born a dude?
  • drunk dude in storm drain fail
  • Funniest LMAO Twitpics 03/16/2014
  • damn that's sexy
  • wtf IS this tat?
  • What The Fuckery?
  • now peep this epic backbutt
  • Swag?
  • Beware Of Photoshop
  • What A Great Example...
  • police car fail
  • Pam Anderson is looking busted these days
  • Success
  • what's worse, the tat or that fat lumpy booty?
  • #StopThisShit
  • The Reason Why Men Let Women Go First
  • 4 girls in their underwear and grandpa. grandpa wins!
  • America why must we be so dumb?