Yelawolf Shows Off His Confederate Flag Collection on Instagram

Jan 09, 2014 | 8:30 PM    Written By: Michael Hughes
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  • Yelawolf Shows Off His Confederate Flag Collection on Instagram
  • Glad to be celebrating a birthday with my brother from another @yelawolf alongside @ounzezilla Bobby Straight Edge -- FE FE-- Ashley-- some guy that I forgot his name but Wolf refers to him as Captain Nashville @bighenry100 @hellrellmg with me as always!!
  • Whats in my airport security tray has changed a bit I'd say ... Look Mamma No Hands !!! @slumerican .SLUMERICAN.MADE. Me do it ... Lets hope Canada is as friendly to the Dixie flag as Kanye West is .. #crackersintoronto see ya soon baby @fefedobsonofficia
  • GET SOME MARTHA STEWART .. YOU CROOK !!! haha .. This priest top i bought in the U.K just got SLUMED OUT !! I am the PARTY PROPHET !!!! Felt letter iron on butterz #catfresh @slumerican .SLUMERICAN.MADE. In my hotel room download BLACKFALL NOW !! ... http
  • Remember late 80's and Early 90's Metal bands that rocked Jordan's and shit .. You'd see Metallica rockin Flights .. Especially drummers .. My moms old X Orchard used to have that steeze .. Shit was fresh as fuck .. The first time I heard hip hop was when
  • #slumericansnowbardtrip is over .. @kleversworld , @slumerican NEWPORT and Me are pregammin' for the show tonight at Murray Theatre in SALT LAKE CITY !!!! With @hopsinson .. Last show of the tour .. Lets go out like SLUMERICANS !!! Yeah UTAH !!!
  • Yeahhhh @troubleandrew @louievito #frank151 #thegoodlife Family ... I'm getting a hang of this shit .. 4th trip and I'm feeling saucy !!! Thanx 4 putting me up on such an amazing sport .. Shits the best ... Park closed or I'd still be on the mountain ...
  • Yeaaaahhhh Kentucky !!! Recap from last night @goldclubelectrictattoo  Friday13th
  • Whadup SLUMS !!! @goldclubelectrictattoo is serving up SLUMERICAN tattoos for 31 bucks today !! .. And 13 dollar tattoos for a special Friday13th !!!! Me and some homies are gonna swing through around 7 and sign , take photos and hang out with the fam ...
  • "CUT THE BULLSHIT !!!" .. Dagger Knuckle sleeve by @lingerfeldtx from the @goldclubelectrictattoo shop in NASHVILLE .. Hey @theproperbarbershop .. I think we found our spot next door on Printers Alley .. These dudes are too official .. Shout out to @johnx
  • The making of the @slumerican #biblebelt .. Newport kills it .. Available exclusively at my shows NOW !! . And selected stores soon .. #thefuckittour @slumerican ... .SLUMERICAN.MADE.  backstage in a haze of good smoke and ice cold beer .. Hallerrrrrr
  • Catch me in the lab with the LEGENDARY 3.6 on the very first session .. The making of GoHARD .. And the beginning of #BLACKFALL with @djpaulkom @slumerican @famousstarsandstraps @monsterenergy
Yelawolf Shows Off His Confederate Flag Collection on Instagram