Lil Wayne's Tattoos Explained

Jan 21, 2013 | 12:00 PM    Written By: Jessica T
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  • Lil Wayne's Tattoos Explained
  • "Young Money" on Right Leg
  • 504 on Right Forearm
  • "Baby" & "Slim" on Shoulders
  • Martian and Rolls Royce Logo on Left Bicep
  • 5 Red Stars Across Chest
  • Red Skull on Stomach
  • Angel Wings on Ribcage
  • ESPN on Back of Left Arm
  • "Cash Money" on His Stomach
  • "M.O.B." In Center Of Chest
  • "In Memory of Rabbit" on Right Forearm
  • 9-27-82 On his Right Forearm
  • "Lucky Me" Verse on Right Leg
  • "Belfast" on Left Leg
  • Louisiana on Small of His Back
  • Bible Passage on His Back
  • "Shake Junt" on his Right Thumb
  • "Trina" on His Ring Finger
  • "The World" & "A Gun" On Palms
  • "Steel" & "Concrete" on Hands
  • "Hot Boy" on Right Forearm
  • "Life's a Gamble" on Right Side of Chest
  • "Baked" & Deathwish Logo on His Forehead
  • Smiley Face on Inner Lip
  • Tribal Symbol Under Left Eye
  • "Orleans" and Fleur de Lis on Right Cheek
  • 2 Tears Under His Right Eye & By Mouth
  • Various Cracks & Veins Around His Face
  • "I Am Music" Above Right Eye
  • "YMCMB" on Left Side of Neck
  • "Soo Woo" & "Lucky Me" on Left Side of Face
  • "Misunderstood" & "Tune" on Left Side of Face
  • Three Dots Above His Left Eye
  • "I am Pimp" Behind Right Ear
  • Truckfit Tommy Logo Behind Left Ear
  • "Imperfect" on Left Jawline
  • 5 Strikes & Lightning on Left Side of His Face
  • Smiley Face on Right Temple
  • 5BORO Pigeon on Right Side of Face
  • "999" Behind Left Ear
  • Heart Next to Right Eye
  • UV Stars & Lips on Neck & Face
  • Gun & "Weezy" on Left Side of Neck
  • "Fear God" Eyelid Tattoo
Lil Wayne's Tattoos Explained