stupidly locked myself out

Jan 15, 2013 | 1:58 PM    Written By: Christina S
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  • stupidly locked myself out
  • gotta be fresh for the fight
  • comments are the best part of pictures
  • Life gets real
  • Sorry for naming you Paul
  • kid's spelling test fail
  • golf is relaxing
  • wal-mart downsized
  • and my mom told me no piercings
  • the smart kids always win
  • puppy toupee
  • grandma is still limbre
  • swooshed
  • real bros help with your bathroom pics
  • swag, swag
  • yearbook fail
  • meanwhile in China
  • people on Tumblr should not have kids
  • get a pretty dog
  • cheese head
stupidly locked myself out