hipsters love nutella

Aug 07, 2012 | 8:50 PM    Written By: Christina S
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  • hipsters love nutella
  • Debbie stop eating my food
  • fixed my car radio
  • Chickens in Bikinis
  • maybe she should wear her size
  • don't mess with the bride
  • kids do the silliest things
  • pause worthy news
  • he got you a drink fail
  • get a free stick with every purchase
  • Mr. Bean spotted at the Olympics
  • he likes fancy undergarments
  • MILF fail
  • painting fail
  • he thinks he's side show bob
  • sick ride
  • rolled outta bed for his beer
  • girls are creeps too
  • never trust a car salesman
  • Snoop Dogg car freshener
hipsters love nutella